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The Kings of the Ocean

by Parizay, Melissa and Ahmadjon


The Kings of the Ocean
by, Parizay Melissa
and Ahmadjon
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baby predators to murder machines
Shark food
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Too rough for me!!
What is that from the distances?! It's a SHARK!! You might think sharks have a fin on their head for alerting humans or they were born like that well WRONG!!!
Sharks have fins for a reason they use it for keeping their balance in the water it helps them go upright without it they'll just be on there belly or you can call upside down.Sharks body's are very strong and especially feirce they can break through anything(but not rocks or very strong things like a rock)Their teeth are as strong as their body,their teeth easily break fish humans or other foods!!Sharks are sometimes called sea monsters but in reality they don't like humans they just think humans are sea animals and second some sharks are friendly.Some sharks have diffrent color of skin for example like the color blue or orange their skin is very pretty!! Sharks have great sense of smell they can smell blood.Only just a drop of blood from hundred of meters away!!Did you know that sharks have inner ears, they have very small openings on the side of their heads. Sharks are tuned into much lower frequencies than us and they can hear movement in the water from miles away!! Isn’t that just shocking?! Their skin is as smooth as anyones hair but can be wet Remember not all sharks are evil and eat humans they don’t like humans!! Sharks are color blind so they don’t know what color blood can be.
My honest opinion is that not all sharks are that bad before saying they are monsters you should just give it a chance just don’t try to go near it they can think your fish and second sharks can be intelligent!!
Did you know shark tails are very useful?It helps them swim very fast in the water,This helps them catch prey on their way on swimming!!
Shark fins are also very important, Most sharks still live when it goes back into the water. It can’t swim without its fins and it slowly sinks toward the bottom of the ocean!!
Sharks have an important job they keep ocean ecosystem balanced without them it would not be balanced and other species in the water would die!!
If they sink in bottom of the ocean they would not move to get food that would mean most sharks would be extinct and the shark species would be gone!!
Baby Predators to Murder Machine
by Parizay
You might expect a shark being born from an egg, and an egg only. If you do, you are in for a big suprise!
After the female mates, the eggs are in her for 12-18 months. You might think most sharks would die from starvation. Well ALOT of eggs are in the female, so when hatch ( in her) a death match starts.
Sharks already have a hard life. There mother leaving them when they are born, the risk of getting EATEN! Let us not be a burden and make life it harder! Let us instead try to help them out, by stopping pollution, by not being lazy and throw trash in the actual trash can. And the last part of this advice is to STOP ILLIGALY POACHING SHARKS!
A shark pup can be born in different ways! A shark pup can be born from an egg or lives females' stomach for some time.
one type of shark egg
When the pup is born, he/she will separate ways with his/her mother. Sharks are on top of the ocean food chain, so he/she can't be dependent and clingy with his/her mother. Because of this they separate ways. But there is a risk when the mother leaves her child, the pup can get eaten by other predators. Only the strongest and smartest survive and luckiest survive.
The risk of leaving the egg
Did you know Greenland shark flesh is poisonous so I don’t recamend killing them let alone eating them.

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A shark's litter can be between 2 to 100 pups.
Sharks are very slow growing. An extreme example of this is the Greenland shark. They can live up to 400 years. Incredible because most sharks live 20 to 30 years. Greenland sharks only start mating when they are 150 years, but most of them die before they mate. So only when living under perfect conditions can they live up to 400 years.
So now as you know, there are not many Greenland sharks because most of them die before they mate.

And it's not just Greenland sharks. Many sharks are going through this. So instead of being a burden, we have to help them. We cannot continue illegally killing them because that's just going to disrupt the balance of nature. There would be too many fish and then fishes food would run out because of too many predators then the fish will die because of no food so we cant kill any species. We have to stop killing sharks.