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Ball state campus resources

by Hayley Krawisz


Ball state University 
Campus resources
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By: Hayley Krawisz
Services for the Learning center include- Tutoring, private testing area, quiet homework study and proctors for exams. Their phone number is (765) 289-1241
Services for the writing center include; someone that may check your writing and give positive feedback about your paper. This may be beneficial for your English class- or any class! just show up with your paper and they will be happy to assist you with your paper.
Technology store you are able to buy something incase it broke, our you dont have it! this is in Bracken library.
The tech center gives assistance if you need help with a technology device! you can call, email or go in person and they will help you to get your technology working. Also located in Bracken Library
The bracken library has many floors with each floor usually a different bunch of topics! this is Bracken (basement) they have lots of children books that you are more than welcome to check out and read!