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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

by Cornelia Sîrbu


The life of Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte was born in Thornton, Yorkshire in the North of England in 1816, was the third daughter of Patrick Bronte and Maria Branwell. Charlotte and her other four sisters and brother all loved reading. They would write histories and newspapers based of imaginary places. Later in 1824, the four oldest daughters were sent to a boarding school, which later proved to be the cause of death of two sisters, Elizabeth and Maria. As time passed, Charlotte became a teacher, was a governess for two families for a short period of time and finally she had opened a school of her own along with her sister Emily. In 1842 Charlotte went to study languages at a school in Brussels where she fell in love with a man that didn't return her feelings. Charlotte and her two sisters had to publish their written works under male pseudonyms, because female writers weren't respected during that time. After the deaths of her two remaining sisters and brother, Charlotte was wed to a curate of her father's. The marriage didn't last long, because Charlotte died due to an illness.
1.Charlotte was born in 1816
2.She went to boarding school with her three sisters in 1824
3.Elizabeth and Maria both died in 1825
4.Charlotte and Emily went to Brussels to study languages in 1842
5.Charlotte fell in love with Monsieur Heger in 1842
6.Jane Eyre was published in 1847
7. Villette was published in 1853
8.Charlotte married Mr. Nicholls, a curate, in 1854
9. Charlotte died in March 1855
1.Charlotte Bronte's parents were Patrick Bronte, a clergyman and Maria Branwell.
2.The children used toy soldiers to create their own fantasy and they would write histories and newspapers about imaginary countries.
3.Charlotte used the boarding school at Cowan Bridge as model for Lowood school.
4.In Villette, Charlotte wrote her first love experience with a man that didn't return her feelings.
5.The Bronte sisters used pseudonyms, because female writers back then weren't respected and were critiqued.
6.Charlotte's marriage to Mr. Nicholls was short-lived, because she passed away due to an illness connected with childbirth.
Most common genre of books for kids is fantasy.
I never wondered what it is like to go to a boarding school.
People in the past used to live in harsh conditions due to lack of food.
I hope me and my good friend are going to remain lifelong friends.
She used a guise to distinguish herself from the others.
My aunt works as a governess for a few families.
She rejected his offer to go on a date this evening.
Writers not only in the past used pseudonyms, but they also them during twenty-first century.
People who use a coarse language prove that they are ill-mannered.
Women should be free and do what they want and not be considered unfeminine.
They wasted their free time on video games instead of doing their homework.

The times of Charlotte Bronte
During the time that Charlotte Bronte lived, Great Britain was a rich and strong nation. With the help of many industries, railway networks opened which allowed people to move from the country sides to big cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham in search for work. Although the rich who owned big estates and mines were able to enjoy their lives, the poor folks couldn't avoid the harsh conditions and diseases. in Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte wrote about her own experiences of love, life and some injustices of her time. Her book is a story which combines romance, adventure and mystery.
a. Britain was a prosperous country- it had many industries.
b. Travelling was difficult because roads were dangerous and uncomfortable-the rise of the railways made people more mobile.
c. People began moving into big cities- this was due to the railways which opened up the country.
d. Life was very hard for the poor- they lived in poor conditions and there were a lot of diseases.

During the time that Charlotte had lived, four monarchs had reigned.
Owners of estates can make money by renting them to other people.
A flu can easily spread from one person to another.
Even though riots can help bring awareness of a problem in a country, they can also cause damage and havoc.
In order for people to be able to pay taxes, they should have a decent wage.
She had a few written works that reflected her childhood experiences.
The poor orphaned children were half-starved at times.
Jane Eyre part I, Childhood.

With her both parents being dead, the ten year-old Jane Eyre lives with her aunt Mrs. Reed and three older cousins; Eliza, John and Georgiana. The kids were mean and rude to Jane, especially John, who would always pick on the poor girl. He would hit her with various objects and get into fights with her. Although John is always the one to start a fight, in the end Jane still gets blamed. After a fight, Mrs. Reed sent Jane to the Red Room, a dark and cold place where the aunt's husband died. After a blackout due to her being terrified of the place, she finds herself in a room with a doctor, who asks her if she is unhappy and if she ''would like to go away to school''. Jane then proceeds to tell the doctor how unhappy she is with her aunt's family and how she would like to go to school. Later she goes to school and Mrs. Reed and her children are happy to be without Jane.

1. Why did Jane Eyre live with Mrs. Reed?
C. Because her parents were dead.
2.What were the names of Jane's cousins?
B. John, Eliza and Georgiana.
3. Why was Jane unhappy?
C. Because Mrs. Reed and her children were cruel to her.
4.What did John Reed do to Jane?
D. He hit her.
5. Why was Jane so frightened in the Red Room?
A. It was cold and dark
6. The doctor asked Jane two questions. What were they?
D. Are you sad? Would you like to go to school?