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The Xmas

These are two parallel stories of Xmas. We are going to start with Jack.

He is a boy that is a bit lonely and is a non-believer too, to him the Xmas is a bit different as the one we all know. To him it's like any other day in the year, he thinks that all the people that celebrate it in the conventional way are so lonely. Yes, Jack the lonely boy thought that the one that celebrates a big party with a lot of presents and people are the lonely ones.

But, why ? The answer is so simple for him. People only seek to pretend that everything in their lives is wonderful, and that it is always a lie, he said that is just a celebration of your false life.
Let's continue with Emily, sweet and a believer girl, with a lot of family and friends, who love Xmas. For her it is the most beautiful time of the year, like that song, every year she brings all the family and friends together and they just hang out until everyone has their Xmas presents, then everyone leaves and goes back to their homes.

This represents consumerism and loneliness of the actual Xmas celebration, but the ignorant and sweet Emily doesn't see this, so she keeps celebrating it in the same way every Xmas.
One day Jack and Emily met at the supermarket the day that everyone those the Xmas shopping.

 Jack calls her attention to Emily’s huge purchase and asks her why she does it, she responds very sure of what she says, "because it’s tradition". Jack is amazed that this girl who seemed different to him ended up by being one of the bunch. 
After this brief conversation. Jack went home but Emily followed him and asked him why he was so puzzled earlier, Jack explained his view of Christmas and something that would never have happened, Jack and Emily liked each other.
Though it may seem difficult to celebrate Christmas apart, Jack is left alone in his house every year and Emily goes with her family. Both are happy as well, and with this we demonstrate the different views of Christmas.

The important thing is to be happy, even if it seems strange to some people, you can always coexist with those who do not think the same, we are all special and different in our way

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