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OŠ "Vladimir Nazor", Duga Resa

by Dubravka Maradin


Primary school "Vladimir Nazor",
Duga Resa, Croatia
Duga Resa is situated in continental part of Croatia on the river Mrežnica, and under the Vinica hill. It’s only
50 km away from Zagreb, our capital city. The language we speak is Croatian, and Croatian
is written in Latin alphabet.
Our school
Thought Bubble
Name of the school is
Primary school
„Vladimir Nazor”.
It is situated by the
coast of the river
Mrežnica. School has been situated in the same place since 1905. Present building was built in 1966. We are involved in many projects, and we are part of this project for the third time. We are happy to get to know other countries, schools, and cultures.
Croatian Christmas celebrations are part of the Croatian tradition. Before Christmas, it’s time of preparation, which lasts about a month and it’s called Advent. Four weeks before Christmas, we light candles on the Advent wreath. The pšenica (wheat grass) is usually planted on St. Lucy’s. During the Christmas time
in our town is open the
ice skating rink, and
concerts are organized
on the weekends.
Visitors can get some
sweet fritters and warm
tea. The center of the city
adorns the largest
Christmas tree
Within the family, we celebrate the birth of Jesus by singing traditional Christmas songs with a lot of joy, giving and good wishes. The end of Christmas days are at the feast of the Epiphany. In our area priests visit our homes and bless them.

On Christmas Eve (badnjak) Croatians have tradition of baking this decorated Christmas bread called Libnica. Libnica stays on family’s table from Christmas Eve till January 6 th when is Epiphany (the feast day of the three kings visiting Jesus). That special bread is made from white wheat flour , and it’s decorated with different dough. It’s decorated with braid on the top, which is also made out of the dough. On the bread Croatians put different figures from unleavened dough that are dipped in egg before baking. That richly decorated bread means the desire for well-being and health of families and estates in the year that is yet to come.