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I Spy

by Deer Ridge 4th Graders


I spy a fidget spinner and a green train
a fire truck and two planes
and a white cake, a killer zombie
beating headphones and a black CD.
I spy a block of TNT, a dolphin,
a pink fork and a clothespin,
a race car, a heart,
a panda and a Nerf dart.
I spy a long orange sting,a little bus,
a candle,a ball,and two monkeys named Gus.
a small yellow monkey,a yellow star,
a big black magnet,and a shell that holds a key.
I spy a pen, a pencil, six blue stars somewhere
three pink hearts over there
I spy a starbuck and a pink eraser too,
one yellow emoji and a yo-yo that you use
I spy a red pop tab, and a black magnet
two pennies, a Lego and a Nerf bullet
A cotton swab, and a gum wrapper
two white spoons,and a fidget spinner.