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by Michael Picardo


Mr. Picardo's Eighth Grade ELA Poetry Book

Fear is a fondness we all recall,
Something that follows us no matter age,
When faced with it we have a loss in mind,
Fear will always follow you around,

But fear can also be a guide,
A thing that keeps us away from fright,
Though fear is what keeps us alive
Fear is what stops us from the light

A feeling no one like wants to come upon,
An angsty feeling in your gut ,

By Jozelynn Cedeno
Daniela Barbieri

I feel magnificent when playing soccer
Soccer is a very rough game
Soccer is what makes me feel alive
Soccer gives me life 
Soccer was the start of my life

                                                   Ava Giordano
                Wind through your hair while you are flying through the air
               Adrenaline pumping when you first hit the mat 
              2 minute routines that passes in seconds  
              You practice all year long for this 
              Getting ready with your team
              Bright lights shining in your eyes
              People cheering you on

Michael Hooper
A dime
When that one dime fell
That day was just like hell
I needed that dime for a dang pie crust
Now I didn’t have the trust 

I could not be very well
With the cartel
All because of that stupid dime
All of that time 

All of those crimes 
All of that stupid slime

All of those dreams
With just a bunch of beans

Gone down the drain
Cut in half like a brain

And now I’m just a stone
Out there all alone

I have no one 
I’m all done

And now I feel like a lime
All over a stupid dime