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Best of BHS and Team Nova
Valery Gomez is a petite Hispanic female, who constantly moved and therefore changed schools often. As a result, she rarely made friends. She has been working since the age of 15. Her hobbies are playing soccer and working. This young girl has a passion for working and a mentality to get money.  

She's not only a leader at work but also at home. She wants to break her family's reputation of having just a high school diploma. She wants more than a diploma. She has bigger dreams to accomplish. Because of her busy schedule, she is only able to take one extracurricular. She enjoys it as it is AP French 5.  

Zitavious Settles-Robinson is a Student Athlete at Banneker high school. He's a A and B honor roll student and he tries his best in every thing he does. He has experience in plenty jobs like food depot as a stocker, bagger, and cashier. He also has experience as a cook for Wendy's, and he's registered as a sandwich artist for his current job at subway. His dream is to go to college for football but wants to major in nursing or finance and minor in music. He also loves working out and he loves animals.
Patrick Gillispie
Patrick Gillispie is a young man that currently lives in College PK, GA. He spends most of his time thinking about the future and what the next step is after high school. He attends Banneker High School and has been there all four years. In the time he’s been there he has participated in many activities such as baseball and marching band. He has been in a school band since 7th grade. He feels that band played a key role in the direction of his life, as well as who he is as a person. Patrick also started baseball in middle school. He had always been interested in sports. Baseball allows him a release from the problems of the world and his local community. He no longer plays baseball but instead devotes his time to the band, hoping to secure a scholarship in that area.
Trinity Jordan
Trinity Brittany Jordan was born during a bad hurricane, which actually caused her to be born prematurely and earned her the nickname “Storm”. Her parents are Danielle and Timothy Jordan. She is a senior, attending Banneker High School. Trinity has participated in extracurricular activities since elementary school. She was President of D.E.C.A. in middle school and has been in TAG since 1st grade. In 10th grade, she was nominated to become an NSHSS Scholar. Trinity plays 2 sports and has been playing them since she was about 5 years old. She runs track for both her school and a recreational team named, “Heart of Georgia”. She has received numerous awards for track even at the state and national levels. She enjoys ballroom and Latin dance.
She has some work experience at a major grocery store. Because of the challenges she has faced, Trinity has learned to seize every opportunity, leaning on her personal religious beliefs for strength, encouragement, and insight. Since her senior year, she’s had over 60 offers from different schools to come run for their institution. She was promoted to “Jr. Grand Lady" of the Knights of Peter Claver Jr, Daughters court 376. She went to Fulton County College and Career Academy where she took her Aviation class and was the first 2021-2022 school year student to earn her remote pilots license. Trinity received an offer from her dream school, The College of Wooster where she applied to Early Decision and had a head start in the application process. She recently has been confirmed to be a Posse scholar. Trinity is motivated and encouraged and continues to actively pursue her dreams.
Janiyah Bowman
Team Nova
 Janiyah Bowman is
a 17-year-old senior at Banneker High School. Some of their accomplishments include being ahead in most subjects, finishing out their high school career in 3DE, & being more open to working with other people. Janiyah comes from a family of 8 including their mom and dad's side of the family. Their hobbies are reading, playing sports, & dressing up. In their free time, they cheers for Banneker's football & basketball team. They're the captain of the varsity cheer team, which holds tons of responsibility in that leadership
position. Janiyah is also the project manager of their team (Nova) in their work-based learning class. Their strengths include working hard, determination, motivating others, and striving for greatness. Even though some of their weaknesses include trouble with focusing or remembering things may get in the way, they always pushes through.
Team Nova
Kymani Henry

Kymani's lifetime passion is clothing. This passion was inspired by his father and began when he was in 5th grade. He found his own voice in the clothing space around 10th grade. Kymani was a fairly slim child, so either the clothes were too big or threw off his proportions. Inspired by his own individuality he purchased a sewing machine and taught himself to sew. He became excited that a self-taught skill could actually make him money. Kymani tries to procrastinate less.
Team Nova
Dominic Gullatt

Dominic Gullatt was born on April 11, 2005, in Atlanta, Georgia to his African American mother and Filipino father and currently attends Banneker High School as a 17-year-old senior. Dominic, a gifted student, has always been a hard worker. He has always been interested in technology and how it works. His love for technology eventually led him to join clubs like the Beats club and Esports club. He also would build computers at home and earn income for completing graphics design projects on photoshop. Dominic actively participated in moving past the mental challenges of COVID and how it impacted his grades. He is currently enrolled in the Dual Enrollment program, taking college courses for credit. After graduating he plans to major in computer science or cybersecurity.