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Curriculum Integration



16th, September 2022
Theme: Curriculum Integration
“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative
expression and knowledge.”
                                                                                                                                      Gerald Belcher
Planning a lesson at most times is the challenging part for a teacher. This field day on Curriculum Integration took me to a new level of understanding what it meant.  Integrating with other subjects brought out a new horizon for my field of Information Technology.
There were quite a number of wow moments for me on that day, firstly the support that I received from other teachers were invaluable, Mr. Sanichara who is the Head of Department for Agricultural Science organised all the props that were needed for the drama as well as Ms. Premchand loaned her coverall to one of the students to do the drama.  Overall the staff at my school are always quite supportive.  In terms of staff support Miss Ince was 100% (Art teacher) into my Field day, making all the necessary preparations for the students to do the tie dye activity in the Art room.
Another fascinating moment for me was the collaboration among students, from the inception there were discussions, drama, laughter and productivity in the classroom. 

What hit it off was the group activity in the Art room where students discussed among themselves the design they would like to achieve and were excited to complete their project.

Based on the topic that I taught on Problem-Solving the students confidently understood the importance of using a flowchart to identify the process involved.

A major setback for me though was forgetting to include the video snippet that showed where I taught the students to create a flowchart, it was taught using the process to make a marble cake however it was left out in error.
This day brought a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to see the joy, collaboration and maturity amongst the students to get the job done.

As usual I am always grateful for the support received from my family!!

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