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My First Book

by Allison Groen


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This week we explored Read and Write and BookCreator. Read and Write was an extremely useful tool that I will definitely use in my classroom. The tool is a great way to help students become independent workers. In addition, I think the tool provides support to students with learning disabilities because it provides students with digital resources geared towards their learning. The highlighter, voicenotes, vocab tools, and audio maker are useful tool to students that prefer speaking over reading.
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In this lab we also were able to explore BookCreator, which I would have liked to have more time with. BookCreator is a great tool to use to bring creativity into the classroom. Students love technology and enjoy activities that are 'fun'. This is way that they can use technology to create a book. BookCreator uses text, images, audio and videos in an excellent way to publish assignments in an informal way. Especially in highschool, the traditional form of assignments are papers; BookCreator is a unique way for highschool students to use their creative gene.

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