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Exploring the Structures and Function in the Cell

by Kate Vitale


Exploring the Structure and Function of Cells
Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. Cells are composed of many different structures. These structures are highly specialized and have specific functions they must complete everyday. These functions are essentially the jobs structure completes. Just how Nurses, Teachers, Mail carriers, and secretaries have different jobs, cell structures also do!
In Animal cells the different structures include:
- Nucleus
- Ribosomes
- Rough Endplasmic Reticulum
- Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
- cytoplasm
- Mitochondrion
- Golgi bodies
- centrioles
Now its time to pick a structure and investigate! You will conduct research about the structure and function of your cell part and then make a 3-D model
List the Structure you picked. Draw a picture of it.
Conduct Research on the Structure. What is the Structure made out of? List the materials you need to make the structure.
What is the Function of the Cell part? How does the structure help the function?
What materials do you need to make sure the structure can show its function?