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Jackson's Sport Psych Playbook

by Jackson Madison


Jackson's Sport Psychology Playbook
By: Jackson Madison

Play 1: Growth Mindset
What: A person with a growth mindset believes that how smart we are and the talents we have can be developed over time.
Why: It can help you grow. You're more capable of learning new things, and getting out of your comfort zone with a growth mindset. It can also build your self-confidence.
Tips For Me:
- Step out of my comfort zone
- Keep an open mind
- Remember no one's talented by default

Play 2: The Process
What: The process is your unique steps to try to achieve something.
Why: Having your own process can help you get things done in a way that helps you. Focusing on the steps of getting something done over the end result can help you achieve your task.
Tips For Me:
- Remind myself that Process > Result
- Do what works best for me
- Understand that doing things differently doesn't make me stupid

Play 3: Sleep
What: Sleep is important, and can either make or break your day.
Why: The average teen needs 8-10 hours of sleep to function. People are more likely to perform better with a good night's rest.
Tips For Me:
- Have a consistent sleep schedule
- Wind down before I sleep
- Use my bed only for sleep

Play 4: Self Awareness
What: Knowing yourself.
Why: Allows you to know your strengths, weaknesses, process for doing things, how you react in situations, and your values
Tips For Me:
- Remind myself what I'm good at
- Improve on what I struggle at
- Understand myself

Play 5: Confidence
What: Being reassured in the traits and skills you’ve earned over time as a performer and person.
Why: Give yourself credit... you deserve it! Know your skill level.
Tips For Me:
- Negative thoughts are okay to have
- Know my skillset
- It'll all be okay in the end