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The Neverending Story - Book 2

by Rebecca Morris


Book 2
Boldly, Atreyu and Artax travelled through many lands, trying to find a clue as to where they must go to begin their quest.

Presently, they found themselves in the very same wood that our friend, the Will-O-Wisp, had found itself previously. The Howling Forest now stood eerily silent and in the darkness, Atreyu and Artax felt lonely and on guard.
Three figures emerged from the trees. They were the tree people, native to The Howling Forest. But something was very wrong with them!

One stood tall but had a big hole in his chest. Another had no legs and was dragging himself around on his arms. The third, looked as if he's been cut in half!

The one with a hole in itself spoke first. "young man, why have you come to our forest?" he said.

"I am on a quest to save the Childlike Empress," replied Atreyu, showing the tree people Auryn.
"I see, young man. But you must leave here at once. It is not safe. You see The Nothing is taking our land. It has already taken our friends and families and even now consumes us" said the one with no legs.

"Come, you must see for yourself what it is you seek to destroy" said the last.

They took Atreyu and Artax to a cliff top with a clear view of the valley below it. At least it would have been a valley. Instead a terrible sight had replaced it. A nothingness that stretched as far as Atreyu could see. He felt chilled to the bone.
"Please, I do not know where to seek a clue to my quest. Do you know of any who might be able to help?" Atreyu begged

The tall tree person replied "You must seek out Morla the Wise far to the North in the Swamps of Sadness. But beware! No one who has sought the Swamps has returned!"

Knowing there was nothing he could do for the poor tree men, Atreyu climbed on Artax and began the long journey north to the Swamps of Sadness.
The Swamps were an endless, bleak and spirit breaking place. With every step, Artax sunk further and further into the swamp. He was afraid. Afraid of letting his master down, afraid for his friend and this fear made him sad.

The sadder he felt, the deeper he sunk, until wearily he asked Atreyu to stop.