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My Region Inquiry

by Marcos MG


My Region Inquiry
By Marcos Mg
I chose The Atlantic Province Because it's a nice place to be. so here I will talk about the Atlantic Province and stuff you may not know.
Uniqueness Of My Region
One of the Uniqueness of mining is the Touquoy, mine which is located in
the moose river.
Which opened in 2017, and it started producing over 90,500 pounds of gold in 2018. it was all worth 1.81 million dollars.
Industries In Region/Natural Respnress used to make products.
The mineral sector supports activities, primary processing, and downriver product manufacturing. Its supports jobs and econe mic activity in every region. mining leads to mineral/rock removal which leads to producing computers, plastic, and more...
Positive and negative impact on the environment.
positive impacts of mining in Atlantic province are that it helps build schools houses building and more...
They have found negative effect people by you might be asking yourself well... Exposing them by mining animals/wildlife and they just don't mine they cut the trees which affect us and everything living here on planet earth.
Keeping the environment more sustainable.
Mining can become more sustainable to the environment how?
By reducing inputs/stuff like water bottles that are plastic, energy, and land disruption.
Can you make a better future?