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Leadership guide
To work as a team and activate all the senses to listen effectively, trying to be sensible, controlled and proactive in our lives
Vanessa Echeverry
Gimnasio Campestre
There is no failure, you either win or learn
22- Taylor Swift
"Everything will be alright if we just keep dancing like we are 22"
My Goals
-To win the year with good grades
-To be better at basketball
-To achieve high academic results
-To win the spelling bee contest
-To make new friends
-To improve my drawing skills
-To be better in french
-To learn many new things
-To be a better person
-To help others
-To spend more time with my family
-To be more friendly
Improvement Plan
Improvement Plan
About Myself...
What would you change about yourself?
I would like to stop getting stressed about everything.

What gives you strength to change?
My goals