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Lambing Weekend Programme

by Jack Nolan


Lambing Weekend
March 2023
25 years!
The first lambing weekend for three years!
Welcome ● Farm Map ● History of The Farm ● Pupil Voice
Welcome from
We are delighted to welcome you to Snowfields Academy today. We are a specialist secondary provision for young people with ASD who have an Education, Health and Care Plan and we opened in September 2020 at Bearsted. We are delighted to have had the opportunity to open a second site here at Cranbrook in September 2022 and we currently have students here in Years 7, 8, and 9. Over time we will expand to include students up to Year 13, with approximately 12/13 students in a class and 2 or 3 classes in a year group. 

Although this is our first-ever lambing weekend, we are upholding a long tradition of lambing weekends held here at the farm and we are proud to support this 25th anniversary event. Mr Cooper, our farmer, is an inspiring leader of our farm provision; he not only cares so well for our farm animals, he also supports all of our students to learn about farming and farm animals as part of their life science lessons which they love. 

We hope you enjoy your visit today. 
It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of Cranbrook Farm's 25th anniversary. Mr C, the Farm Manager, works tirelessly to ensure the farm is immaculate for all the students. He has a wonderful approach with students and gives them a real insight into working life on a farm.

The students at Snowfields all have Life Science once a week with Mr C and take part in Young Farmers Club. During these sessions, they learn about the animals, develop key skills on the farm, work with the local community and enhance their social skills. It has been wonderful to see the students grow in confidence when handling the animals, feeding them, looking after them and having a secure understanding of the health and safety aspects of working on a farm.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Nick for everything he does on the farm and for enabling the farm to be such a prominent part of Snowfields life. This has been a massive team effort and thank you to each and everyone of you that have given up your own time to help and support, we really value all that you do for our wonderful students.

I hope you all enjoy Lambing Weekend
celebrating new lives and new beginnings.
Dee Pickerill
Fi Bradbrook
Vice Principal - Head of Cranbrook
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Mr C - Farm Manager
The farm was not originally on the school site, it was at the Swattenden Centre as part of the Swattenden Boys School. When Angley School opened, students taking Rural Science used to be taken down to the farm in minibusses.

In September 1989 the farm was moved onto the Angley School site as part of the Science Department. Mr Brooks was in charge of Rural Science classes. There was one farm building and a greenhouse area. There were two goats, six ewes, and three beef calves.

Mr Cooper came to work here in March 1990 which was a long time ago! We have steadily built the farm up over the years. We have built all the buildings except the main barn ourselves and raised funds through sponsorship sales and events.

We have also been the most successful Young Farmers team in the South East at showing our livestock, winning thousands of high-place rosettes even against professional farmers. Many of our students are now showing in their own right.

There have been twenty-four lambing weekends at the farm when we open to the public. In 2019 pre-pandemic, we had over 3,000 people coming through the gates, it was our most successful so far.

The farm has been at the heart of the school site for many years. It has made history in many ways including being on "Country File" for the turkey project, "Meridian Tonight" featuring lambing as a "lockdown lift", and even meeting royalty!
What our pupils say
"I like looking at the animals on the farm. I like brushing the calves. Going down the farm calms me and teaches me useful skills."
"I like seeing the animals, I enjoy working with the animals and cleaning the farm, I learn about the width and the length of the animals and how to take care of them."
"I like the animals and how you get to learn about the animals and you get to look after them."
"I love the animals and helping the animals. Mr C is helping me learn to help the animals. I can’t wait to meet the new animals!”
"I like that the learning on the farm is different from usual work. The learning on the farm is more hands-on, which is a nice change from written work."