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The colors of salt

by Ethan Overleese


The colors of salt
Pink Salt
Pink salt is a pretty common salt, and it is definitely one of the most easily accessible salts out there, the accurate term for this salt is called Himalayan sea salt.
The Himalayas reside near Nepal in South Asia
Pink salt colors vary depending on the amount of minerals they contain, more minerals equals darker tones.
Blue salt
Blue salt is a very rare salt, it has another name called fossil salt, due to it crystalizing millions of years ago. The accurate term for this salt is Persian blue salt.
Persian blue salt comes from the Ergourz mountains in Northern Iran
Due to the crystallization process this salt refracts light unusually which gives it its blue hue.
Black salt and red salt
Black salt, or Black lava salt, and Red salt, or Hawaiian Alaea salt. Black salt is caused by interaction with volcanic earth and charcoal, and Red salt is caused by volcanic clay and many minerals.