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A Short Walk to Water

by Sam.H

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A Short Walk to Water
The children's book A Short Walk to Water was inspired by Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water and the studies of the lost children of Sudan in 7th grade language arts. 
During this module, I learned about the Sudanees civil war and how it displaced millions of people. Today Sudan is split up into two different countries South Sudan and Sudan. At Glenwood Springs Middle school, we had the opportunity to talk to Salva Dut and asked questions about his experience as a Lost Boy. He had a lot to say, including about his foundation. 
In an effort to raise money for Salva’s foundation Water For South Sudan, Glenwood Springs Middle School is fundraising. If you’d like to make a donation, and help provide clean water to those still in need, Please visit: Slava's foundation  
POW-POW the sound of gunshots echo in the air. What a great way to wake up I think to myself . 
I hear my mom yell, “Go run Akifa, get out of here, take your fathers gun, some ammo and get out of here”.
”Wait mom, what about you?” I sobbed>
 “It doesn't matter just run Into the bush and get out of here”
 I have to do what she says I tell myself so I do, I run until I can’t hear the gunshots anymore. Hi, my name is Akifa and I am 12 years old. I work on my cattle a lot while my two sisters go and get water for the family to drink. When I was only 7 years old my dad died fighting in the war but before that he taught me how to shoot a rifle and make bullets, now that he is gone I have to take care of the cattle and hunt for my family to eat.
Eventually I run out of breath, I see a group of people and I walk over to them and somehow convince them to let me join and walk with them. I do I see someone familiar 

“SALVA SALVA” I yelled as loud as I could 

He doesn't notice I guess that's OK so I keep walking. Eventually we found a barn to spend the night at, it was kind of dark and had a lot of hay but when I fell asleep I didn't wake up. When they wake me up to leave I notice that we left salva behind but I guess that's up to adults so I wont wake him up. After a few more days of walking and finding nothing to kill for us to eat I noticed a Gazelle and so I told people to look out and I took the shot and killed it.
Everyone thanks me and then I hear someone behind me say
 “Nice shot kid, you have the same eagle eye as your dad.” I look behind me and I notice my uncle.

“Uncle I can't believe it's you” I say, surprised. 

After that short family reunion, that was very exciting and awesome. We kept walking and found a good spot to spend the night. When we woke up I told my uncle that I am thirsty then he answered that we are going to a watering hole today. And that we will stay there for a while, he told me. Eventually after a few more hours of long walking and having no water I start to hallucinate. I see a bunch of gazelle. I take out my rifle and shoot. Then my uncle tackles me and luckily I didn't hurt anyone, but then I realized that we are now at the watering hole I run up to it and got a drink of water at the watering hole near the refugee camp at least that's what uncle told me. 
A few days later