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By Ji hyun

Directer: Bong Jun Ho

Directer: Chung Lee Isaac
Squid Game

Directer: Hwang Dong Hyeok
'Parasite' shows about an abject gap between rich and poor by the stairs. Parasite won awards at the 92nd Academy Awards (Oscar) for Best Picture, Best Directing, Best Original Screenplay and Best International Feature Film. This is first time in Korea.
'Minari' is about the immigrants. Every immigrants feel that they are involved in nothing. This shows how they feel and fit in unfamiliar place.
'Squid Game' is horror drama that 456 people play strange games for accolade, which is 45.6 billion. When they lose the game, people die and only one person could survive and get 45.6 billion.
'K-pop' is a one of genres that is popular songs in Korea. There are many K-pop singers or idols who lead this K-pop. Nowadays, k-pop become huge genre.
BTS(BangTan Soneondan) is the most famous band in Korea, and also world wide. There are 7 members, RM, Jin, SUGA, J-hope, Ji min, V, Jung kook. BTS topped the 'The Billboard Hot 100' chart 15 times, which is the best record in Asia.
Black Pink is one of the most famous bands in world wide. There are 4 members, Ji soo, Jennie, Lisa, Rose. Black Pink topped the 'The Billboard Hot 100' chart 15 times, which is the best record in Asia. Black Pink has made their name through putting their songs in Billboard about 15 parts.
Black Pink
'Mukbang' is new culture only shown in Korea. This is certain video, or live-streamed that features a person eating a large quantity of food and addressing the audience. This new video type make us feel satisfaction when we can't eat food. There are many people who go on a diet in Korea. When they feel starving and they can't any food, they watch Mukbang to feel surrogate satisfaction.