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Postsecondary Planning Milestones Toolkit (2020-21)

by College and Career Planning Team


Postsecondary Planning Milestones Toolkit (2020-21)
Working alongside schools and K-16 leaders to support postsecondary access and success for every NYC public school student.
the postsecondary planning
journey begins!
We believe that preparing students for their postsecondary transition is part of the basics of a K-12 education and cannot be compromised by a challenging fiscal climate or a pandemic. Easier said than done - there are as many pathways to success as there are students!

Clearly, this is a job for a hero.

This toolkit is designed to be your superpower, as you:

1. Improve access to high quality college and career planning experiences or milestones during the school day (whether in-person, remote or hybrid) aligned with postsecondary access and success, and support equitable outcomes in higher education and workforce representation.

2. Ensure all students are well-equipped to transition into the current higher education and workforce landscape, graduating high school with a strong match postsecondary plan for the future.
how to use this toolkit
We’ve designed the toolkit for your self-guided, on-demand learning.

You can read in sequence to get an overview of the entire postsecondary planning process from exploration to transition, or skip around to the sections pertaining to the students in your current class or caseload. We've included tutorials to cover core content knowledge of the field and technical skills required, and a number of differentiation strategies for English language learners, multilingual learners, and students with disabilities.
Student Postsecondary Planning MILESTONES*
Comic Panel 1
0-16 credits (9th/10th)
16-33 credits (11th)
Explore Career Pathways
Coming Soon
Future Ready Experiences
to Prepare for Your Plan
Know Your Postsecondary Education Options
1-on-1 to Prepare for Your Plan
Comic Panel 2
33+ credits (12th)
33+ credits (12th)
Develop a Strong Match Plan
1-on-1 to Support Your Postsecondary Decision
1-on-1 to Support Your Plan and Your Applications
Make Your Postsecondary Decision
33+ credits (12th)
From Postsecondary Plan
to Pathway
*A milestone is an experience relevant to all students pursuing all postsecondary pathways that addresses known barriers to access and success.
Explore Career Pathways
Suggested Cohort:
Grades 9-10/0-16 Credits
Suggested Timeframe:
Ongoing, beginning in the Fall to set the focus for the year’s career exploration efforts 

Prerequisite for meaningful participation in
February Career Development Month
Comic Panel 1
Career exploration is the process of

-researching and experiencing the characteristics of various careers and the training/education they require

-developing an awareness of job sector trends and opportunities, and

-aligning the knowledge gathered with one's unique interests, skills, and abilities

to ensure a best-fit future match with a viable career pathway.
MILESTONE: Explore Career Pathways
Comic Panel 1
1. Get to know your caseload by reviewing students’ transcripts and records and talk to students, teachers and/or counselors.
2. Situate career exploration in real-time job sector growth/viability by looking at current trends in the changing landscape.
3.Cultivate student agency and efficacy by encouraging engagement in career exploration with peers and/or families.
4. Introduce the “soft skills” of career readiness such as collaboration, problem solving, social awareness, personal mindset.
High Impact Practices for this milestone
Comic Panel 2
5.Build awareness of workplace norms so students understand how to engage effectively in different workplace/career settings.
6. Leverage relationships with community organizations, vendors, partners, and family to provide meaningful experiences aligned with individual career interests (e.g., workplace tours, informational interviews, guest speaker events, etc.). 
7. Document students’ career exploration activities and experiences in STARS as part of your strategy to monitor the progress of each cohort’s postsecondary planning and ensure equitable access for all students.
*High Impact Practices are best practices for individualized supports for students’ career exploration process. We’ve gathered these from our work with schools across the city. Which of these is currently part of your own practice? For which students?
MILESTONE: Explore Career Pathways