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Chapter Six: The Rise of Ancient Greece

by Theresa Holodick


Chapter Six: The Rise of Ancient Greece
Peninsula: An area of land nearly surrounded by water

Epic: A long poem that tells a story

Acropolis: A high, rocky hill where early people built cities
City-State: A city with its own traditions, government and laws; both a city and a state

Aristocrat: A member of a rich and powerful family

Tyrant: A ruler who takes power with the support of the middle and the working classes
Democracy: A form of government in which the citizens govern themselves

Tribute: Payment made by a less powerful state or nation to a more powerful one for such things as protection

Oracle: In Ancient Greece, a sacred site used to consult a god or goddess; any priest or priestess who spoke for the gods
Philosopher: Someone who uses reason to understand the world; in Greece the earliest philosophers used reason to explain natural events

Tragedy: A type of serious drama that ends in disaster for the main character