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Chapter Two: The Fertile Crescent

by Theresa Holodick


Chapter Two: The Fertile Crescent
Scribe: A professional writer

Fertile Crescent: A region in Southwest Asia; site of the first civilizations

City-State: a city that is also a separate, independent state

Polytheism: the belief in many gods
Myth: a traditional story; in some cultures, a legend that explains people's beliefs

Empire: many territories and peoples controlled by one government

Babylon: the capital of Babylonia; a city of great wealth and luxury

Caravan: a group of travelers journeying together

Bazaar: a market selling different kinds of goods

Zoroastrianism: A religion that developed in ancient Persia

Code: organized list of laws and rules

Hammurabi: the king of Babylon from about 1792 to 1750n B.C; creator of the Babylonian Empire

Cuneiform: groups of wedges and lines used to write several languages of the Fertile Crescent

Alphabet: a set of symbols that represent the sounds of a language
Prophet: a religious teacher who is regarded as someone who speaks for God or for a god

Diaspora: the scattering of people who have a common background or beliefs