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Nathen's Tattoo Prologue

by S309-Jim Nathen Guillermo

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After about five months of talking, he moved in with my mom and me. I remember my first interaction with him, I was shy and scared to talk to him because of how buff he was. Since then, we have become closer as a family and my moms’ life is finally going back to normal. When we’re all back at home in the evening, we eat our dinner and watch many travel videos. My mom always dreamt of traveling to the Philippines to see her family. She would tell me endless stories about her experiences of living there. 
A couple days before this happened my mom had trouble communicating to Eric or me. She’d stutter a lot, 
“So wh- what did you do today?” 
I took it lightly and just responded to her question. I didn’t suspect anything was wrong but I should’ve, I should’ve been more cautious about her behavior. Three days later my mom suffered a stroke. My life started to finally come together, and this traumatic experience ruined my life forever. 
I woke up from my fever dream. I looked at the clock,
I quietly sat in the chair, scared for moms life. I glanced out the window and spotted a Filipino man with his child in his arms, followed by a Filipino woman running into the hospital. I turned my head back at mom and stared at her for a minute. Eric quietly entered the room with two bags full of pastries, snacks, and drinks. He sat the bag on the coffee table next to me, and I scavenged the bag for food. I grabbed the chocolate drizzled croissant. I opened my parched mouth and took a big bite, I let out a small moan. As I chewed, three abrupt knocks startled me.
A man with a white lab coat walked in the room, he had his head down looking at his clipboard. Eric scurried off the chair, knocking over my orange juice. 
“I’m sorry, but Arlein has suffered severe brain damage from the stroke.”
“What do you mean?” 
“She might not wake up, and if she does she won’t be able to speak or move.”
Eric stood still as a statue in complete shock of the news. He fell to the ground and cried, I comforted him not understanding what happened to mom exactly. I asked Eric what happened to mom. He cried. The doctor came closer to me and told me,
“Your mom is going to take a long sleep. Just know she loves you, and you’ll be alright, bud.”
I was still confused, but we headed back home two hours later. Eric cried nonstop in the car and I sat quietly. When we arrived back home, I took a shower. When I finished, I dried my body with the towel and went into my room to put on clothes. Eric called my name to come to the living room. He explained the situation to me, and what will happen. I instantly cried. I loved my mom and I started to enjoy her company. I laid on the couch thinking about my favorite memories with her. My eyes puffy from crying put me to sleep.