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Anna Dowd Science Experiment

by Anna Dowd


Science: Fair test investigation
Purpose of experiment: Which material is better at preserving warmth
During this experiment, I placed water in two cups and using a thermometer I ensured the water was the same temperature, I then wrapped one of the cups in tin foil and the other in a thick layer of cotton wool to attempt to preserve the heat
After three minutes I then checked the temperature again to determine which method was better at preserving the heat of the original temperature
The process of adding the water to the cotton wool cup after its temperature had been read using a thermometer
The results of the experiment:
After three minutes.....
1) Cotton wool cup dropped 15 degrees celsius
2) Tin foil cup dropped 8 degrees celsius
This determined through a fair test that tin foil is better at preserving heat
After the experiment.....
After the experiment I ensured to clean the area fully, remove the hot water carefully to prevent any burns and dispose of the cotton wool and tin foil appropriately
What I learned from this experiment