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by Sophie Alexander


Using Beebots
Sophie Alexander
Step 1
Firstly, we were all handed a Beebot, and were given no instructions on how to operate it. We were told to play with them, and try to figure out how they worked !
I think this is a great way to introduce children to coding in a fun and friendly way. Allowing them to play without instruction helps them to explore and extend their own knowledge.
Step 2
We were then given clear instructions on how the Beebots worked. We were given mats of different places for us to make our Beebots explore and travel through.
This helps the children to visualise the movements of the Beebots. It also encourages them to use maths to count the squares to ensure the bot reaches the desired location.
Step 3
We then began to use notation cards to map out the code we would use before inputting it into the Beebot.