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Health N5

by Mr Bell


Global Issues 1

National 5
1. Distribution of a range of world diseases

Skills question: Describing in detail a resource

2. Causes, effects and strategies adopted to manage: 

HIV/AIDS in developed & developing countries

One disease prevalent in a developed country - heart disease

One disease prevalent in a developing country - malaria
1. Distribution of a range of world diseases - HIV / AIDS

Skills question: Describing in detail a resource

Describe in detail Questions

In the Human and Global issues section of the exam you will get questions which ask you to describe in detail a resource. This maybe a table, graph or map.

To answer these question you need to describe what the resource shows, but not to explain why. These are usually for 4 marks

To answer the question:

1.Give an overall description

2.Then try to split the resource into 2 or 3 categories / trends / geographical areas, and describe each one using the numbers provided
N5 2019
Diagram: Global child mortality rates
Study Diagram

Describe, in detail, child mortality rates across the world.

Marking Instructions

Overall description:
Infant mortality is highest in developing countries (1 mark)

Category / areas
Europe, North America and Australasia have the lowest rates of child mortality numbers at between 1-25 per 1000 children (1 mark)
Most of South America has child mortality rates of between 1—25 apart from Bolivia which has the greatest rates at 51-75, (1 mark) with Paraguay having between 26-50 (1 mark)
The continent with the worst child mortality rates is Africa with only Libya having between 1-25 (1 mark)

Individual Countries
Countries like Nigeria, Ghana and Mali have the highest rates between 101—300 (1 mark)
Afghanistan has the highest rates in Asia with between 101—300 children, (1 mark) followed by Pakistan with between 76-100. (1 mark)
Diagram: Adult HIV infection rate by country 2013
Study Diagram.

Describe, in detail, the global distribution of HIV/AIDS infection amongst adults.