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One day a man named Tyler was very thirsty he just got back from a meeting.
So he went to go find something to drink.
And so he found a lemonade stand a man named Leo work there.
hello can i have a drink said Tyler sure that will be 2$ said Leo.
So he got one.
After he left he went home at home he was tired.
After he went to sleep he found a new job the old one he used to work at they kicked him out because he was very bad.
So he started to work at the circus as a acrobat he was very go at being an acrobat he always wanted to be a Acrobat when he was a kid.
After the show he was thirsty and he remembered the lemonade stand so he drove they and got some good old fashioned ice lemonade
after going home he sat down and watched some TV
After that he was going to go shopping for some food so he got steak chicken soy sauce Japanese barbecue sauce after that he made a dish after he ate he went to the circus to do another show
And it went fantastic
After the show he was very tired but he was always thinking about some tasty lemonade so he drove there again Leo was very happy he came back he drove home with his tasty lemonade
So he drank it and he loved it like always
Thank you for reading this