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Turnitin Manual

by Nonkanyiso Vokwana

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1. Setting up your Turnitin Account
1. Go to and click on the Create Account link next to the Log In button
2. Click on the student link.
3. The Create a New Turnitin Student Profile form must be completed to create a new student user account.
4. Enter the class ID number and the case sensitive Turnitin class enrollment key.
5. Enter the user first name, last name, and a valid e-mail address to use as the login for Turnitin.
6. Create a user password. The user password must be between six and twelve characters long and contain at least one letter and one number. Re-enter the password to confirm it.
7. Select a secret question from the drop-down menu. Enter the answer for the question. Remember and keep this information. The answer is case and space sensitive.
8. Review the user agreement. To continue using Turnitin, click on I agree -- create profile.
9. From the completed user profile creation page, click on Log in to Turnitin.
2. Additional Resources