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Student Feedback in Pear Deck

by Jeffco Ed Tech


Giving Student Feedback
in Pear Deck
Goals of Feedback
Help students learn the content or skill at hand
Simply put, feedback helps correct misconceptions or affirm correct understandings.

Drive metacognition
When students have an understanding of what they know and don't know, learning is more successful and students can better apply what they’ve learned in new situations. 
Promote a growth mindset
Helping students learn to tackle challenges with tenacity is one of Pear Deck’s tenets of great teaching. Teachers who Tackle Tenacity encourage their students to see learning as a journey. An incorrect answer or a challenging assignment isn't cause for alarm; it's an expected part of learning. Regular feedback helps students see feedback as a normal part of growing and learning, not as something to be feared. 
Using the Teacher Dashboard
1. Start presenting
2. Open the teacher dashboard on another device
3. Control the slide from anywhere (in class, at home, etc.)
Using the Teacher Dashboard
Response layouts
Rounded Rectangle
List layout
Grid layout
Overlaid layout