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Spirit Halloween

by M. LaDuke


Spirit Halloween
By: Marianne LaDuke
I dedicate this book to my Dad and my Stepdad because they brought me to Spirit Halloween.
One day my Dad told me and Arianna that we were going to Spirit Halloween.
Next, my dad said that we had a budget. I saw animatronics- it was cool. We saw a lot of decorations.   We played hide in go seek and it was fun. In the end, my dad said, "Hurry up and pick your costumes!"
Stepdad said, "I ‘m going to be a dog."
Arihanna said, "I want to be a werewolf."
I said "I want to be a ladybug."
My stepmom is going to be a Zombie bride, my dad said.
"I want to be Sam from trick or treat!" 
My brother is going as box man, and finally my other bother is going to be happy death day.   
Othe day of Halloween, one house gave me and Arihanna a full-size KitKat. It was fun at first, but we had to go home. We ate some candy. Then we went to bed.