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The best friends and the bully

by melvinjethro.m JPS


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The best friends and the bully

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Chapter 1 the unseen incident
Chapter 1 the unseen incident
once Upon a time there were three friends. There names are Melvin, Vidhyuth and Anbuchelvan there were the best of friends there were like brothers.
One day at the park they were playing then an incident happened. When Anbuchelvan was catching as someone pushed him. We were shocked while seeing him fall it was boy who pushed him he ran away quickly like cheetah.
Melvin and vidhyuth helped him get up and sat on the bench in the park
I was time to leave Melvin and Vidhyuth took Anbuchelvan to his home his Mother was shocked while seeing this. Then Melvin told that what had happened. Then Anbuchelvan’s mother asked who pushed him? Then Vidhyuth told don’t know aunty he ran away quickly.
Then on the next day Melvin and Vidhyuth decided to investigate Melvin saw clue on the park on yesterday he told he had brown hair and short at that time when Anbuchelvan fell that he fell at 6:30pm then he went and started to investigate, then another clue appeared Vidhyuth saw footprints of mud.
Then Melvin and Vidhyuth started following the footprints of mud and saw a street full of villas then he saw the boy who pushed Anbuchelvan Melvin and Vidhyuth was chasing him then the two stoped running because they can’t breath then Melvin saw a paper on the floor it was note he opened and it was written:
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You can’t catch me you fool. From : unknown
Chapter 2 the hardest game
on the next day one of our friends called ektaa said that she wanted to help too. We told ok then she came to the park and told she saw a boy like brown hair. Where is he now? In the 28th block.they went with there cycle and then saw that guy they parked there cycles and chased after him he went to three blocks then we had an idea.
In their apartment has three rows 1,2,3 And had security, they told the securitys were the boys are going they had 3 extra phones they gave it to us.Melvin was in the 1st row , Vidhyuth was in the 2nd row, and ektaa 3rd row
one of the apartment security said he is in tithe 3rd row ektaa saw him.She was chasing then he went to the short cut he was in the 2nd row Vidhyuth saw him Vidhyuth was getting closer and closer then Vidhyuth stoped running. Melvin went to the 2nd row then saw.Melvin was athletic Student he went district,state, and national level on running race.he was chasing he gave all energy but could not do it.
we Know he was Hiding some where.We told the security of the whole apartment if you see him call us.we went to find him then a phone call came from Melvin’s Mobile and he attended and one of the security said he in the 3rd row 5block they rushed and saw no one was not their.then another phone call and said he is in the 1st row 3block they rushed and again there is no one their. Another phone call and said he is in the 2nd row 8block they rushed and saw someone it was the guy who pushed anbuchelvan he was trying to steal our cycles he went with Melvin’s cycle.
Melvin was sad that he took a away his cycle but this time he found a paper on the ground and said:
I am giving you a clue I am anbuchelvan’s enemy.
chapter 3 rush to home
When he saw the letter he know that Anbuchelvan knows. They three rushed to Anbuchelvan’s home and while going they saw their friend Nethraa. She heard about a boy pushing everyone in the park even Anbuchelvan got hurt right.
Melvin said yes.Can I help too.Melvin said ok. They all went to Anbuchelvan’s home and discussed.
Melvin asked so many question but none of them was answered. They left Anbuchelvan’s home and said good bye. Nethraa had an idea he went to the Xerox center to take print out of the boy who pushed anbuchelvan . Melvin and his friends started posting on there apartment .
They were waiting so much long time in the park to get a phone call. So, they decided to see that tomorrow any phone calls came or not. It was 6:00 am
everyone gathered in the park and waited for phone calls suddenly a phone started ringing it was a random number it came from Melvin’s phone. Melvin picked it up someone said hi he is there in park in the jungle parkour. Melvin said thank you. Everyone rushed to the park and saw the boy and the boy saw him to he was so far away we can’t see his face he ran away. Everyone was chasing and Melvin had an idea.
Melvin and Vidhyuth chased the boy and ektaa and nethraa will go to the left and go to the dead end. Melvin and Vidhyuth chased the boy and he did go to the dead end then he was trapped but the was a small gap he went through it and again he escaped.
chapter 3 rush to home
Chapter 4 end of the case
It was the next, but still they did Not find the boy but Melvin said we are going to find the boy today itself till morning to night. Melvin gave them phone that security gave long a go then suddenly mMelvin phone rang.
It was ektaa’s friend called tapasiya. She called and said is this Melvin? Melvin said yes. She said he is in the club house. Melvin said do not make him move out do the club house we will be there in 5 min. She said ok. Everyone rushed to the club when they reach there.
Everyone saw the boy Melvin said ektaa and nethraa you be here me and Vidhyuth then Tapasiya asked can I help to Melvin said ok, you stay with them when comes out grab him ok. Tapasiya noon her head. Melvin and Vidhyuth were chasing him finally he fell in the stairs and helped him and sit on the chair did you guess who was it . it was Mithran our classmate Melvin asked how did you come here? when did you shift to this apartment.
I came the day When I pushed Anbuchelvan. Melvin said why did you push him. Mithran told I got low marks in exam Anbuchelvan started laughing at me so I had idea my father said we are shifting to Jain alphine meadows I know anbuchelvan and you four would be there that’s why I did this.

Melvin,Mithran and all of them went to Anbuchelvan’s home and Mithran asked for forgiveness and promised that he would not bully any one again
The end
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Chapter 4 the end of the case