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by Ni Putu Yunita Ni Putu Yunita Kurniawati


The Disappearance of Ivy
One time there was a guy named Gabriel who was a guy who really liked to have adventures. Gabriel lived in a small village with his friend Spencer. One morning, Spencer decided to wake Gabriel up and told him that he had a plan for another adventure. Gabriel went out of his room and they had a conversation about their idea for the adventure tonight. They both agreed and are very excited for the adventure. It was still 9 AM. Gabriel started packing his things like a flashlight, Bible, A pen, Small knife, scissors, jacket, etc. Gabriel couldn’t wait for the adventure.

At night around 7 PM, Spencer told Gabriel to get their things. Gabriel started rushing to get his things and ran outside to meet Spencer. Gabriel said “ Alright. I'm ready!” Spencer replied “Let's go”.  It was really really dark so they took out their flashlight and decided to use it. Suddenly they made it to a field. The field was really big and was also really really dark. They started to sit down and take a rest after all that walking. Gabriel took out his Bible and then suddenly a girl bumped into them, it was Ivy, she was Gabriel’s old best friend but they started to get distance between each other. Ivy saw them and said “What are you doing with that Bible? You know that it’s not going to do anything right?” Gabriel ignored her and continued to read the Bible so then Spencer also ignored Ivy. Ivy said “Are you ignoring me?”

Ivy got annoyed and took the Bible. She kicked the bible and suddenly one of the Bible disappeared. Gabriel, Spencer and Ivy were shocked. Suddenly Ivy disappeared. Gabriel and Spencer were shocked and they tried to find help. They found two people inside a hut, it was two girls named Aurora and Charlotte. Gabriel and Spencer told both of them what had happened and at first they didn't believe them but Charlotte picked up the Bible and told them how if someone kicked the Bible, they would vanish and return to the unknown. Suddenly, The Bible started glowing. Aurora said “What the heck…” Aurora and Charlotte got scared and they ran away. But while they were running they both disappeared.  Spencer said “Huh what just happened?” “I don't.. don't know man, don't ask me”. Both of them started to search for Ivy everywhere and both of them went on an adventure to find Ivy. Gabriel and Spencer were so desperate that their legs were sore. Suddenly Spencer screamed “AHH My legs!” Spencer said his legs are feeling brutally sprained and Gabriel helped Spencer to rest and gave him some medicine and plaster to help his legs get better. It was pitch black and they started to lose hope but they still didn't give up. They still didn't know what happened to those two girls in thehe had lots of bruises and looked so pale like she hadn't eaten for days. Ivy got  hut.

They all found Ivy in the field and they all helped Ivy get better. the next day and she told everyone what had happened, they were both  shocked and Gabriel told Ivy how there were two girls in a hut that tried to help but disappeared out of nowhere, “Hmm that's weird” said Ivy, “Yeah i know right!” Spencer answered.

vy forgave Gabriel and Spencer, then Ivy changed herself to be a better person. Ivy then asked Gabriel and Spencer if they could be friends. Spencer and Gabriel said sure and asked Ivy if she wants to make smores with them. Ivy said sure. Then not that long after, They met Amara. Amara was lost and was looking for food. Gabriel ran to Amara and asked her if needs help. Amara said yes. Amara said that she was lost. Gabriel asked “How?” Amara answered “I was riding my bike and I fell, I can’t find my bike and I have been lost since this afternoon.” Gabriel then said “Oh, Are you alright?” Amara replied “Well not really, but it's fine!” Then Gabriel invited Amara to go eat smores with them and said “Here you can eat. We will help you to find your way back home later, but for now you can hangout with us” Amara replied “Thank you, I really appreciate it”. Spencer, Gabriel, Amara and Ivy started making smores and having a conversation and having a wonderful friendship happily ever after. 
The end.