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A Walk In My Shoes: A Travel Journey to Rome

by Tuan D.

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A Walk In My Shoes: A Travel Journal to Rome
By:Tuan D
Rome Colosseum
There is a lot of fact about Rome. In Rome there was an event called hosted people versus beast game in that event 500,000 people died and over a million animal was killed. In the game there are different trap door in the arena that give elaborate special effect. The colosseum was a very big place it have about 80 entrance and 50,000 people spectating It is a huge place.

When I first came to Rome this was the first place I went to because there was a lot of history that was store in this big colosseum. When I first came in and saw it there was a lot of people checking it out so I could barely find a place to look at but than I just tip over the big crowd that in in front of me and there it is a big arena that could fit about 100 men in the arena. The first time I look below and there these big block structure that is very where below me and it look like you can climb it and the whole colosseum look like it can fill up lots of people inside this colosseum.
Sphere within a Sphere

This is a very weird looking design structure but than it have some history and fact in it this was creat by a man name Arnaldo Pomodoro he was a Italian sculptor and he build this big giant sphere and he named it Sphere within a Sphere. It show a broken sphere and in that broken sphere is another broken sphere and it keep going. This design is symbolizes the fragility and complexity of our planet.
When I first caught a glanced of this amazing big stature I was wondering what is this big object and what is the meaning of this structure. Once I look at my map that I got it tell me that this is a Big giant sphere and the name was Sphere within a Sphere I got interested right away because I wanted to know what was this structure about .I look at it very carefully and notice it like our earth and the core in the middle. That was all it look like to me but in the future I will look it up to see the history behind this amazing structure.
St. Peter's Basilica
This is a crouch in Rome and it is called the St. Peter's basilica.This is one of the biggest church it can fit about 60,000 people and it one of the largest church in the whole world.It is 730 feet long,and 500 feet wide,it stand at 448.1 feet tall and is 240,000 square feet long.One of the most largest collection of ancient art is being keep in ST. Peter's Basilica and its building
When I first arrive at this place I saw the building and the inside was super big looking like tower and people were praying for God I didn't know what to do so I saw me do it so I copy for respect in their for their religion. There was a lot of object everywhere there was candle everywhere and people were taking picture their was a lot of tourist like me and I think people there were people praying for Jesus because when I look at the top of the structure it had a cross sign so I knew it was for Jesus it look very well build and I respect that because every tourist would like to look at a nice,amazing structure and learn new thing about other countries and I think this one was an amazing structure.
Palatine Hills
The palatine hill is one of the seven hills of rome and it also the most ancient parts of the city. The palatine hills is one place where Rich and famous Roman people used to live. The Hill is also 70 meters of height it is a very big place and there is a lot to see.
When i first went there i saw a lot of broken building but it look so well build before it got broken down. There was tree growing around the place and it look super cool from this view it look like there is a lot of entrance to these broken down structure as i walk through and look at each one of the building it look like it once was a village where people live. If the building look really good this place must be a rich place where the rich people live because it look so well build and it was build with brick wall and other good materials.
Trevi fountain
Tip his fountain have the oldest water sources in Rome. It said that Salvi was the original architect but astronomer Galileo was the originally the winner but the commission was given to Salvi after a public outcry. The fountain is a huge structure it about 85'feet tall and almost 65 feet wide.The fountain need a lot of water so it pump 2,824,800 cubic feet of water a day that a lot of water
When I was walking around Rome I found myself standing right in front of a big structure called the Trevi fountain it look so nicely builder and it look like it was build with great material. The first I saw is he man in the middle and though it was Poseidon because there was water every and Poseidon is also the God of sea.Than I look at the water it look very well clean and it look like the water was replace everyday there was lot of water it like a whole pool. The structure was just amazing when it come to my eye and I hope other Tourist come to this structure and like it just like I did.
Castel Sant' Angelo
This is an angel who name is Archangel Micheal. This structure was created by a man named Raffaello da Montelup he created this Angel holding his sword after the plague. This statue is now resides in an open courtyard inside Castel Sant'Angelo.
When I went inside the Castel or the Castel Sant'Angelo I walk around to exported and when I went all the way up to the final floor that when I saw the big statues a man or angle having wings and holding a sword up high it was so amazing how people can think of this. The statues was just so amazing. When I went up there and I saw it, it look like an angle is about to go to a war or he won the war against some bad guy. I wanted to even know more about this amazing statue I love it and I will do some research on this statue.