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very epicko poems

by TC


very epicko poems by Ty Coe (tidepod)
There was a rat with a bat
he was as happy as a clam so the rat
smashed a cat so the cat
backhanded the rat
but the rat made the
cat paralyzed from
the waist down
then the rat cracked
the cats head and the rat
killed many more cats
(this is a joke)

Miles Long of Sorrow

Miles Long of Deep Depression

a Wound Visible For Decades

Nazis knew They Had it All, Jews Knew
That Well To

It was an Army Against a Wounded

1 in a Million

But When Others Stepped In

The Salted Wound Healed

Depression Replaced with Courage
Paladin Coe
Wounded Mouse
Wounded Mouse
little jimmy asked out Kimmy
Kimmy said, Jimmy
you're too much of simpy
so Jimmy cried on his bed
and Kimmy laughed and said
haha Jimmy you to stupid