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A Strong Heart!


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!A strong heart!
Isa Laverty
Nightmare Wolves:
Alona: A small white with orange on stomach, with dark red eyes
Dreamer Wolves:
Flicker - grey, black, and white, with white wings, brown eyes
Moon Wolves:
Galaxia - black with purple eyes
Cheesix - Orangish brown with white eyes
Sun Wolves:
Light cloud - big blue and white with yellow eyes
Light smokey - grey small with blue eyes
Lana - greyish white with blue eyes
Mystical Wolves:
Plioe - a pretty white with bright blue eyes, breed - wolf with gold wings, Queen of Mystical Animals.
Sky Wolves:
Phoenix - kittyicorn, with forest green, with all orange.
Sunny: Adult wolf but smaller, light grey with orange eyes.
Vern: Leader, brownish white with green eyes.
Fluffy and Suffy - twins, brownish grey with forest green eyes.
Undersea Wolves:
Oplie - Wolf, ocean blue eyes, with a white coat and grey under the belly
Tiff - Wolf mermaid, yellow eyes, with a nice coat of white snow.
Josie and Posie - twins, White with grey and blue eyes
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* Chapter 1 *
The first start
Olipe started off with a fight with one of his friends from the Sky Wolves clan, Sunny chased Olipe around the campground. But when Olipe's sister comes, Olipe always bows down.. Sunny bows as well, Plioe says, "What the-" as she hisses in return and slaps the cute Sunny out of the sky, as Sunny lies there in dismay. Plioe asks, "Do you know this ugly wolf.. Olipe..?" Olipe fixes his stands and says, "Plioe.. She's my Best Friend!! Of course i know her!!" while Queen Plioe asks, "WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE! THAT LITTLE DISGUSTING RAT IS BESTIES WITH MY BROTHER?!" Sunny gets up and says, "Well miss Plioe.. Me and Olipe knew eachother from the start!! You can't take our friendship away..!!!" As Sunny flys over and lands on Olipe's head.