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All About Bunnies

by Kindle S


All About Bunnies
By: Kindle B. Smith
All About Bunnies
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Food For Bunnies
Chapter 2: What Food Do Bunnies Need?
Chapter 3: What is Bad For Bunnies?
Bunnies are so cute! They are good pets and have lots of personality. But it is still  important to know how to take care of bunnies properly and make sure all their needs are met. It is important to know what food bunnies should eat, what care do bunnies need? And what's bad for bunnies?
Make your bunny happy like this one
Don't make your bunny or bunnies live like this
Chapter 1: Food For Bunnies

Bunnies are different from most animals. They are more fragile and delicate, bunnies can not eat most human foods. so their diet mainly contains leafy greens, lots of hay, rabbit pellets, and an occasional banana treat. It is very important bunnies get all the food they need each day. Bunnies just like other animals require clean water as well. And if all their needs are met then you will have a happy healthy bunny.
Chapter 2: What Care Do Bunnies Need?
  Bunnies also need to be given some fresh hay at least once a day. Bunnies are prey animals which means in the wild other animals eat them. So they should live in a safe environment where they can run around and have places to hide. If you own indoor bunnies then the litter box should be cleaned each day so that it won't sink. And if indoor bunnies are too much for you and you have outdoor bunnies then the litter box should be cleaned once a week or more.
if your bunnies litter box is not cleaned
. your house will stink (if the litter box is inside)
.your bunny could possibly get sick
.your bunny or bunnies will be sleeping in dirty hay and will not have fresh hay to eat
What Is Bad For Bunnies?
Bunnies have no padding in their feet. So it is important to never shave them otherwise when they hop around and do bunny stuff they will be hopping on their bare feet and be in pain. Bunnies also should not get baths because their fur is so thick that if it gets wet it will take a long time to dry and they could die.
Another thing to never do to a bunny is flip it on its back. You may be thinking  why to never flip a bunny on its back? Well the reason why is because when bunnies are flipped on their back they will freeze up terrified and bunnies can die from being too scared, and if you want to gain your bunnies trust then flipping it on its back is not a good way to do that.