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Little environmentalists



Micii Ecologi;tii
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Design fără titlu
Director teacher Tarasă Ionel Eugen
Deputy Director Teacher Cosmin Daniel C-tin
Target group

preschoolers - 130

primary school children- 191
Project coordinator
Teacher Iulia Lefter

Amăriei Elena
Andrei Luiza
Apostolică Nicoleta
Aștefănoaie Tița Violeta
Baciu Lucica
Bușilă Laura Monica
Cârlan Maria Rodica
Cochior Iulia Georgiana
Diaconu Florina Gica
Ivența Aurora Adina
Lefter Iulia
Suciu Loredana
Tabarcea Loredana
Tulbure Mirela
Ungureanu Claudia

Secondary School
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Comic Panel 3
Kingsmoor Academy
United Kingdom
Agrupamento de Escolas
Dr. Ferreira da Silva
Osnovno Uciliste Vanco Nikoleski s. Leskoec Ohrid
The Republic of North Macedonia
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The main goal of our project is to raise students' awareness by teachers´ involvement in contemporary environmental issues. It is important to enrich their knowledge through new methods teaching and learning and to make them to search by themselves in order to present to their peers and school community through experience, analysis, production, collaboration and communication.
The topics approached during the mobilities:
1.Personalized and Adaptive Learning
2. Gamification
3. Video-Based Learning
4. Digital Story Telling
5. Project-Based Learning
The objectives:
• To enhance students ’awareness of environmental issues
• To motivate students in thinking critically and globally and
• To determine students to be actively involved in ecological activities
• To encourage students in using foreign languages in conversation with emphasis on English
• To improve their communication skills with students of different cultural background
• To promote the integration of new strategies such as Personalized and Adaptive Learning, Digital Story Telling, Video-Based Learning, Gamification and Project-Based Learning in their school curriculum.
• To promote Content and Language Integrated Learning in the field of Environmental Education.
• To improve the level of ITC competencies and skills.
• To develop tolerance, mutual understanding, active citizenship, critical thinking, cultural and linguistic comprehension.
• To provide a European dimension to their schools
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Activity title: "Planting and learning"
Group Small B
Teacher Cochior Iulia Georgiana

• Acquiring new knowledge, skills and practical skills;
• Care and observation of plant evolution.
For children, it is necessary to know how to form a plant, what are the steps to follow in planting, what are the components of a plant, and also the needs of a plant for it to bear fruit.
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