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The return of Biblical Allusion

by Oluwanifemi Fasuanmi

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The return of Biblical Allusions
Written and illustrated by Nifemi Fasuanmi
In a strange town, there once was a girl named biblical Allusion. Nobody in Grammer land really liked her. She always spoke and acted weirdly. Everything she said or did had to be a reference to a book. Though her favorite thing to do was to refer to the bible. She was so obsessed with the bible, everything she did had to be like the bible.
She was so obsessed with living like the bible. That she made her own group like the tweleve apostles. She was the leader and creator of a very well-known group called the tweleve figurative languages. Very few liked her and most of them were members of her group and that was far from the truth. A particular member named personifaction secretly despised her.
Personification was jealous of the success of biblical allusion. She was in another secret group. Where she would always expose any things she could. From any secrets to plans. She would tell it all to the literal language group. She betrayed and stabbed Biblical allusion just like Judas did in the bible.
One faithful day, the leader and boss of the literal language group requested for personification presence. Upon her arrival, personification was asked her to kill biblical allusion, so literal language group could take over. Personification was quite thrilled about killing biblical allusion. She went out and set up an elaborate plan to kill the poor, innocent, and weird girl.
Once she had the perfect plan she was ready to KILL Biblical Allusion. She went to Biblical Allusion's house at night and stood above her ready to kill Biblical Allusion but she couldn't. All this time she had all that anger and jealousy and she couldn't kill Biblical Allusion. She realized that she wasn't jealous of Biblical Allusion but was angry that they weren't the best of friends.

Even though Personification wasn't going to kill Biblical Allusions. She was too late because the member of literal language had followed her to Biblical Allusion's home. She begged and begged them to not kill Biblical allusion. However, they didn't care because before personification finished her sentence they had already killed Biblical Allusion. While biblical allusion was dead, the literal language group caused major problems in Grammer land.
Although Biblical Allusion rose back 15 days and 15 nights. Biblical Allusion wasn't mad at personification because she allowed her to live a similar life to Jesus. Though they had a long way to fix and help stop the destruction literal language has brought, and bring justice to literal language.
Is it the END or new BEGINING?