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Adventure in Spooky Vile

by Cyrus Yuan


Adventure in Spooky Vile
By Cyrus Yuan
Map of spooky vile
Goblin’s land
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ch.1 The Bag in The Closet
ch.2 Wizard Hugo and The History of Spooky Vile
ch.3 The Witch's Cauldron
ch.4 The Haunted House of the ghost
ch.5 Queen Hariportos
ch.6 The Portal
Chapter 1
The Bag in The Closet
It was a beautiful morning in Orlando, Florida, USA. John was about to go play football with his friend Bob. He looked into his closet for his best set of soccer clothes, but he couldn't find it instead he found a bag he had never seen before.
He curiously opened the bag, in it he saw a note and a telescope. He cautiously picked up the note and looked at it. It said,"look into the telescope and say I wish I can go there." John took out the telescope and looked into it. Instead of seeing things bigger he saw a dark gloomy haunted land. He said,"I wish I can go there." Suddenly, the lights turned out, the world turned around and around. John held his breath, the floor gave way, he fell right down for a long time.
Chapter 2
Wizard Hugo and The History of Spooky Vile
Bang! John finally landed, he touched the floor, it was icy cold, it didn't feel like the floor in his home. He looked around, it was dark and gloomy, just like what he saw in the telescope. He thought,"Am I dreaming or is this real?" He tried to stand up, but he felt a sudden pain, he fell on the floor again. He tried again, he felt the pain again, he thought he twisted his ankle.