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The Story of Paraparawa and Waraku

by Shannon Maloney


The Story of
Paraparawa and Waraku
Original story by Peter Riviere
Adaptation by Shannon Maloney (P3)
There once was a fisherman named Paraparawa. He was in charge of feeding his village, and even though he didn't have a lot of food, he was able to get the job done.
A long time ago, when this story takes place, South America didn't have many animals to eat, so Paraparawa caught fish and picked reeds to feed his friends and family.
One day, when Paraparawa was fishing, he caught a fish that jumped right out of his hands and turned into a beautiful woman. This woman was named Waraku, and she was a nature spirit who could change from a fish into a human and back again any time she wanted to.
She asked Paraparawa to take her to his village so she could see how he lived. Paraparawa agreed.
Waraku explored Paraparawa's village and his family's home before returning with him to the river. She told him that, since he had been so kind to her and was willing to show her how she lived, her father would bring him food that would feed his village for the rest of time.