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Our Beasts of Myths Thesaurus

by Angeliki Daphni


A collaborative sound - picture and textbook created by 15 European schools containing synonyms, phrases and proverbs of the word "Beast" in 9 European Languages accompanied by translations and phonetic representations in english
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Our Beasts of Myths Thesaurus
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Our Greek Beast Thesaurus by the 3rd Primary school of Dionysos in Greece
The word Beast can be translated in Greek as 
1. κτήνος /ktinos/
which means:

1. a villain, a barbarian / uncivilized person
2. a large and dangerous four-footed animal or a domestic animal usually bovine

Ξύπνησε το κτήνος μέσα του (The beast woke up inside him) : Animal insticts were born inside someone
2. Τέρας /teras/
which means:
1.In ancient Greek it was an omen , a celestial phenomenon
2.a monster
3.a very ugly person
4.a person who has got a specific property in a great degree like a
τέρας μνήμης ( a monster of memory )/ τέρας εξυπνάδας (a monster of intelligence )/ τέρας υπομονής (a monster of patience) / τέρας ασχήμιας (a monster of ugliness) 

Ιερό τέρας (A holy monster) : a very influencial actor or musician 
Σημεία και τέρατα ( Points and monsters) :events or acts that cause unpleasant surprise. It is an expression used in religious texts