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Daniel’s Poems

by Daniel Fong



By Daniel Nathan Fong
I see leaves swaying in the wind
i smell the smell of fresh leaves
I hear wind blowing right past my ear like a smooth blanket
I taste the taste of wind
I toch the silkey smoth leaves
this is a leaf
Hello… Bright Spring
Goodbye… Cold wet winter
Hello… Blooming flowers
Goodbye… Cold Water
Hello… Shining sun
Goodbye… Dark clouds
Hello… clear sky
Goodbye… Dark shadows
Hello… Bright Light

He Was lazy as a sloth
The pencil was as Sharp as a bee stinger
The girl was as funny as a Clown
The boy was as mean as a Demon
She was as slow as a turtle
The tree was as green as a Helthy Leaf
The Cloud was as fluffy as a Soft Blankie
The Boy was as funny as a clown
A time when I felt home sick

when i felt home sick i felt like a lonley homeless child
when i’m home sick my tummy is rumbling like an angry tiger
when i’m home sick i just wanna go home
when i’m home sick i violently vomit
A time when i felt home sick
good thing it only happens rarely
School life is a Journey of growth
Where you can find good friends and learn as both
Learning at school is fun together with joy and love under the sun
Respect teachers who guide and shape our ways
They grade our works to test our days
Yet we find moments of peace and a smiling face
Amidst the chaos and the daily busy pace.
All these memories are dear to us
Filled with laughter and love,everyday we arrived from school bus
School life is a fun Journey
Where've formed our best memories
hello…summer break
goodbye…endless school
hello… California
goodbye… hongkong
Emotional Damage

Emotional damage smells like rotten eggs in a fridge.
Emotional damage tases like a rusted dirty couch.
Emotional damage feels like a broken amygdala.
Emotional damage sounds like there’s like an evil demon in your brain.
Because it lives in your brain!