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My Fauvorite Book

by Florea Iustin


My fauvorite book
Harap Alb
Harap Alb is the protagonist as well as the title of a Romanian-language fairy tale by Ion Creangă, known in full as Povestea lui Harap Alb
It appeared in the magazine Convorbiri literare , on August 1, 1877 , then it was published in the same year in the newspaper Timpul by Mihai Eminescu
I read books in my free time and my fauvorite writer is Mihai Eminescu
I like scary books but there are some books that make me laugh a lot
The last book that i read is ''Urmasii Zeilor''
i really liked it it was very interesting and i recomend it to my classmates
Thank you for listening to my presentation and i hope u have a great day!

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