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Mrs. Elliot's Beginning of Year Book

by Roxanne Elliot


Mrs. Elliot's Welcome Book
Hello Antelope Canyon!

My name is Mrs. Elliot, and I am excited to begin this new school year with you! Opening a new school is a grand adventure, and I know we will rock it!

A little bit about me:
I grew up in beautiful Washington state. Moving to Utah five years ago was scary for me, but I have grown to love it here! I even got married in my aunt and uncle's backyard in Riverton this past summer. Mr. Elliot plays trombone in the Utah Symphony and Utah Opera. He sometimes makes a guest appearance at school to help me with things, and teach my students! He is always impressed by the music my students make.

When I'm not at school, I love to do puzzles, read books, and of course watch a ridiculous amount of TV. Traveling is really important to me, too! The furthest away I have been is China, but one of my favorite trips was to see where Mozart grew up.
Click the microphone to hear Mrs. Elliot read the pages!
Mrs. Elliot loves cacti!
Mr. Elliot and I LOVE cake!
As my student, I hope for you that our music classroom is a safe place to try new things, work hard, and grow. I try to provide something for everyone to enjoy in music. More than just building musical skills and knowledge, I want you to find your own voice, be excited to learn, and appreciate art of all kinds.

I can't wait to meet you!

Mrs. Elliot
Mr. Elliot, my sister Amy, and I liked hiking Donut Falls!
Mrs. Elliot loves going to hear the Utah Symphony.

< LEFT: Her favorite concert ever: Star Wars!

RIGHT: Mrs. Elliot goes to concerts with her teacher friends! Maybe you know them! >
My silly brothers: Christian and Connor!
Classroom Expectations
Before you begin going to rotations, your classroom teacher will bring you to music class and we will go over what is expected. Here is a preview:
Three Class Rules:
1. Come in quietly.
2. Do your BEST with a GOOD attitude.
3. Leave quietly.
Special Person:
Each week, one child per class will be randomly selected to be the Special Person. This child will get to sit in a comfortable chair and watch the class. They will give a grade for the class' behavior that day, which will help the class earn rewards in music and positive/negative consequences in their general classroom.
Mrs. Elliot & Mrs. Poteki - Special Person this week!
Curriculum Highlights
I can't wait to start learning with you! Here are some things you can expect from our class over your time at Antelope Canyon:
K-2nd Grade and ASC
3rd Grade
Building music performance skills: develop healthy singing, steady beat keeping, and developing artful expression and identification skills. Sing, dance, listen, play, create music!
Build on K-2 skills by writing an entire opera and perform it!
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
Basic music reading skills and performance on a simple instrument.
US History program, including beginning ukulele.
A bit of everything from years before taken to a much deeper level, including a fun Renaissance Festival.
I know we have all had to make big changes to keep ourselves safe during this time, and that will continue into music class. Your safety is my number one priority, so we will have to be creative, patient, and flexible at school. As we have received more research, I have learned that the minimum safe distance to sing is 20 feet apart, with masks on, outside.
For this reason, we will sing a 2 note greeting and farewell in class, but any other singing will occur outside. This school year, I will primarily focus on dancing/movement, instrument playing, listening and responding, and other subjects and projects. We can still hum, which is great! It will feel very weird not to sing at school, but I believe we can still have a wonderful and full year.
To keep us safe, equipment in music class will be wiped down between uses and classes. All music supplies will be provided, but if you are interested in supporting the music department, valuable supplies you can donate would be:

- Disinfecting Wipes
- Tissues
- Hand Sanitizer
- EXPO markers (chisel tip)
- Fly swatters
Notice: The items on this list will be used during the regular school day. They may be brought from home on a voluntary basis, otherwise, they will be furnished by the school.