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Pusheen facts

by Evangeline


All about pusheen :3
Fun facts
Today we will be talking about one cat named…pusheen! Pusheen is a grey tabby cat with stubby paws pusheen is also has a chubby body. Her name comes from a Irish word puishin which means kitty. this kitty was born as a protagonist of a web comic under her name. She first appeared on may 18th 2010 in a series of comics created by Claire belton and Andrew dove. The original tumblr blog of it’s fame grew very quickly
Pusheen family tree!
Pusheens dad has a simaler coat of fur as pusheen and same with the mom but a cream cooler coat fur. Then pip. Pip is a very fluffy cat and is pusheen and stormys younger brother. Stormy is also a very fluffy cat Wich stormy is older then pip and is the middle sister.pusheen is the oldest and I talked about her in the last page! Then tommy. Tommy is pusheens husband and has two children but we don’t know the names.
How to draw pusheen!
What I drew
All my pusheens :D