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Little Ring Plover

by Sarah Buhagiar


Little Ringed Plover
This Little Ringed Plover is a small bird with an easily recognisable black and white pattern on their heads, which is very similar to the ringed plover. Their beaks are black, legs are pale and upon close inspection have a distinctive yellow eye-ring.
These birds forage for food on muddy areas, usually by sight. They eat insects and worms.
The little ringed plover is known to live near gravel pits, shores, mangroves, and flooded areas where these birds freely find small crustaceans and insects to feed on.
The average length of a little ringed plover is around 14-17 cm and their average lifespan is around 5-10 years.
The female bird lays around two to four eggs and the male parent is often in charge of making sure that the eggs are safe. If any threat is suspected, both parent birds get aggressive.
A little ringed plover juvenile is called a chick. A little ringed plover juvenile has long legs and a duller plumage.