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A Writing Prompt

by Donald Lessig


The Summer Sunrise Concert
Hosted by
Meditation 719
and Ghost Factory
The Writer
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The Writer
A Writing Prompt:

As the sun begins to rise above a new summer, shining like a beautiful diamond with rays of light, our lives begin to open to the possibility of all colors. 
What do you see as the sun rises?  What colors stand out to you?  Allow yourself a moment to write about the beauty of the new sunrise and the colors that shape this new day.
Ghost Factory
Ghost Factory is an artist collective dedicated to inspiring the creative spirit within all of us, growing the local art scene, and giving space to youth voices. We aim to bring the arts to every classroom and to invite young artists into the Colorado Springs creative community. We celebrate the courage of artists to explore painful spaces so we can all heal. We celebrate the strange inner worlds that exist within us. And we celebrate the power of art to transform lives and communities.