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Fair test book

by Ailbhe Mac Aree


Fair test investigation
Guzzler's problem
The experiment
In this experiment we tested to see what materials keep the heat in most effectively after 10 minutes.
Lets use; paper cups, thermometers, tinfoil, a tea towel and a dish cloth.
To keep this experiment fair we used....
Equal amounts of water
The same size paper cups
and we started each experiment at the exact same time.
To carry out this experiment I....
Filled three cups with equal amounts of water
Wrapped one cup in tinfoil
another cup in a dish cloth
and the last cup in a tea towel
Then I placed a thermometer in each cup at the same times, and took the temperature of each every two minutes.
I then recorded my results.
The material that kept the heat most effectively was..... The tea towel!!!!