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Everything for love

by Natalia Bello Figueredo

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Everything for love
Paula Natalia Bello Figueredo.
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This story is about a woman named Holly Ann Adams, who had a fiance whom she had accused of murder. She found a private detective through newspaper ads to help her find her fiance's innocence, because she knew he was innocent and she would do whatever it took to keep her fiance from dying in the electric chair or as they used to say in jail, "Ride the lightning".
As the story progresses, we learn that Nudger is the private detective, who does everything in his power to keep Curtis Colt from going to the electric chair; Colt is Holly Ann's fiance.

Also mentioned are the witnesses to the murder, Randy Gantner, Sanders and Iris Langerneckert, who, whenever asked, claimed that Colt had killed a lady and wounded her husband, leaving him in serious condition.
For Holly Ann to prove to Nudger that Colt was innocent, she introduces him to Len, who was Colt's alleged robbery partner, who claimed that they had not been there when the murder happened.

Sometime later Nudger meets Jack Hammersmith, who was his partner when he had been a policeman, Nudger tells him that there is a possibility that Colt is innocent.

Unfortunately, Colt was sentenced to the electric chair, since, nothing was found to make him innocent. Nudger worried about Holly Ann, followed her from afar, but sometime later he learned the truth.
Nudger decided to enter Holly Ann's house, where he discovered that she had a box with a lot of money and a wig, also that she had had her car repaired, which was now red; asking the neighbors, they told him that the car used to be a dark shade of green.
Seeing all these things, Nudger goes to Holly Ann's house, looks at the red car and with his key lifts the paint, observing that it was dark green. Nudger decides to confront Holly Ann, asking her for an explanation, since he knew that she was the one who accompanied Colt in the assaults, dressing similar to him, so that they would not be suspicious.

Nudger tells her that he had already killed that woman, and that she was now also responsible for Colt's death. That he hadn't said anything because of everything the love he had for her.
Nowadays, the death chair penalty is no longer used, now injections are used to put criminals to sleep. And another aspect is that in the story we are told that the television is black and white, when now we see an infinity of colors on it.
In my opinion, they should allow cases to be opened when there is some proof that the person convicted is innocent, since, in history it was never known about who Colt's real accomplice was.