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Individual Non-Fiction
Author: Caleb E. James
Illustrator: Caleb E. James
Grade 6
Hello my name is Caleb and I am doing an autobiography. That means I am going to be writing about myself. I am on punishment so I must have a lot to talk about but I am not going to be talking about that just yet. What I am going to be talking about is my elementary school days.
Elementary school was the best. I had some good teachers and some great teachers. But the best thing of all was the principal. She put the pal in principal. Her name is Ms. Latimore. She would have all these fun events and we celebrated holidays that we didn't even know existed. And the next day we will learn about them. 
I have gone to a lot of schools but my favorite is Capitol Heights Elementary School. This school has all of the great people that I will be talking about. It’s a really good school and my little sister now goes to the school. Capitol Heights is also close to the new school that I am going to so that is another good thing.
My favorite subject is Math and it has always been that way. I think it would be Reading and Writing if I actually liked reading and writing! Also, Math Is super easy like it seems complex but all it is is  a bunch of numbers and I am good with numbers. When I was in Kindergarten  or 1st grade the teacher told me to count and I counted past 100. I got to like 126 when she stopped me. Even now I count a lot. I have counted to three thousand for no reason.
My favorite special is PE. I have always been the type of kid that likes to run around and play. But now I do Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do is a type of Martial Art. Similar to Karate and we do all types of exercises so  PE is very easy. There Is guidance with the Guidance Counselor. Mr. Hutchings comes in and has us learn lessons about the word of the month and play games. You can’t expect anything else from a guy who wants to build a hot wheels track around the school.
My favorite teacher is Ms. Mccoy. She was my second grade teacher. The reason she is my favorite is because she was the first teacher that was nice to me. She was the reason that I like school. Capitol Heights has good teachers all around but she was my first and favorite.
My least favorite teacher is Ms. Holmes. She was my fourth grade teacher. The reason that she is my least favorite teacher is that her class was so boring. We read the same book the whole year and it was not even that good. Also we didn’t even finish the book. It could have had a good ending, the theme and stuff was good but the execution was bad. Also her work was easy and boring. She had us read 3  Cinderella books and write about how they were different but not a single male targeted book. And she was an older teacher and they tend to be frustrating and that is why she is my least favorite teacher.
I used to get in trouble though. I just get mad easily and nothing works to calm me down. When I get annoyed I get mad and then there is no going back. But no one notices the amount of times I just keep in my anger. Like if i get mad but calm down never tell anyone about it. If I did, people would probably be more proud of me. 
Let's get onto a more calming topic, games.  I love playing games and I have so many. I have parents that will get me my whole Christmas list. If you came into my room you would say I am spoiled. All I ask for is games and I play all of them.
My favorite Nintendo game is Pikmin 3 Deluxe. When I loved how you get more pikmin as you play more of the game and can have multiple people doing something at once. And in levels they use that gimik to complete the level. Also there are these fruits that you can collect to make food in the game so you can keep playing. I don’t know what happens when you run out of food because I got all of the fruits.They would make up names for the fruits because these are fruits from another planet.  Also there were some extra challenges and when you are done with a set more harder ones will appear.But sadly I lost the game cartridge so I can not play it any more.